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User Interviews

  • “ S7 has been the ideal roaster for us that emphasizes accuracy and repeatability. ”

    Ian Fretheim | Director of Sensory Analysis at Cafe Imports

  • “ S7 has been a great solution for us to break through the challenges ”

    Nook Bakery & Coffee Bar | Michael Caro

  • “ Stronghold has earned us customer trust through exquisite roasting and consistent flavors ”

    Daewang Coffee│Myeong-Seok Seo

  • “ Because you can roast fresh beans on the spot, it really appeals to coffee lovers ”

    Bunker Company│Seung-Kyu Park

  • “ It’s easy and simple to use, cost-saving, and offers the best service. ”

    NUMBER 188│Hana Kim

  • “ My bean sales increased thanks to stable consecutive batching and the replication feature ”

    CAFÉ BRACH│Ki-Tae Kim

  • “ It’s the best roaster for specialty coffee flavors ”

    Kook Coffee Roasters│Kook-Won Jung



Former Head Roaster at Square Mile, UK

“Using halogen truly reveals interesting cup characteristics. 
The tone of acidity, intensity of aroma and clean cup are
positively different to normal gas drum roasters.”

Sangho Park


2014 World Barista Champion

“Consistency is the key for quality and promised experience 
for your customers. Replicating your roasting profile and 
recreating the taste you want are the abilities of the roasting 
machine that I am looking for.”



WCE Two-Time Winner

“Stronghold broke all of the rules and created a truly
innovative and exciting roaster. I can’t wait to spend
more time with it!”


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