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S9 제연기 S9 제연기

Create a smokeless, odorless,
and clean roasting environment even with a larger roaster


s9 제연기
S9 Afterburner Color
  • Tower Black
  • W x D x H
    76.96 x 25.70 x 33.07 inch

  • Electrical requirement (3 Prong)
    380V / 60Hz

  • Electrical Output

  • Horsepower

  • Exhaust
    246pi(diameter 246mm)


Smokeless, odorless, and clean roasting environment even with a larger roaster

  • HEPA Filter and Carbon activated Filter absorb both smoke and odor

  • Easier to clean than electrostatic filter system

  • Easier to obtain approval from inspectors and regulators

  • Filter-type afterburner easy to install

  • Significantly higher energy efficiency compared to gas run smoke burners

s9 제연기 상세 사진
  • 1Chaff Filter

    Filters chaff and similar size large particles

  • 2Demister

    Filters large particles

  • 3Glass Filter

    Glass material; protects and extends life of HEPA filters

  • 4Pre Filter

    Protects and extends life of Medium/HEPA filters

  • 5Medium Filter

    Filters >70% of particles larger than 2.5um

  • 6HEPA Filter

    Filters >99.97% of particles less than 2.5um

  • 7Carbon
      activated Filter

    Filters odor and chemical compounds

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